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Cement Tank Repairs & Waterproofing

Underground Water Tank Waterproofing 

While cement tanks and other types of underground tanks are built tough, they’re not unbreakable. They’re also susceptible to water ingress from surrounding soil. Depending on the seriousness of cracks in your tank, you may find the water becomes contaminated, or in some cases even leaks out and damages the surrounding soil and structures. This is why cement tank and underground tank waterproofing throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast is so crucial.

Here at Eight Six Seal, we use our own highly effective liquid rubber membrane to seal the interior and exterior of water tanks. The membrane is non-toxic, certified for use with potable water, environmentally friendly and even comes with a 10-year guarantee. Water tanks are expensive, so don’t take a risk with their structural integrity. Call the team at Eight Six Seal today.

When To Waterproof Your Tanks

The best time to waterproof anything is before it’s installed and used. Ideally, you would contact us before installation of your water tank so that we can seal and protect it before it’s even filled. However, many people only realise the need to waterproof their tanks at a later date. This may be due to leaks, contaminated water or other problems that arise without proper waterproofing.

Whatever stage your water tank is at, we’re here to help. Bear in mind that if you need a pre-existing tank waterproofed, you may also need repairs for cracks before we can begin the waterproofing process.

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