Full encapsulation of fountain with Eight Six Seal liquid rubber membrane

Pond Waterproofing

Waterproofing Concrete Ponds

Installing a pond is an incredible way to bring a piece of nature into your backyard. It’s a great feature for any garden, whether you go for something large or small. However, like any wet areas, a pond can become prone to damage and leaks, turning your beautiful garden feature into a safety hazard. For the best pond waterproofing throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, look no further than Eight Six Seal.

Waterproof Coatings For Ponds

Our team uses high-quality liquid rubber to cover the entire base and walls of your pond, ensuring no water is getting in or out. If it’s a smaller pond and you’re comfortable doing it yourself, we can even sell you all the products you need. Best of all, our liquid rubber is environmentally friendly, so if you want your pond to attract some local wildlife, you know that the space will be free of harmful chemicals.

Preparing Your Pond For Waterproofing

The best time to waterproof your pond is when it’s first installed. This will ensure you never have any problem with cracks or leaks. However, if you’ve got an existing pond that you’d like waterproofed, that’s no problem either.

The Eight Six Seal team can drain your pond, give it a comprehensive high-pressure clean and get it ready for waterproofing. For Brisbane and Gold Coast pond waterproofing you can trust, give us a call today.

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