Roof Waterproofing

Damaged Roof? We Have You Covered.

Eight Six Seal seals all flashings, screw heads, pipes and air conditioning protrusions through roof material, as well as box gutters, down pipes, corrosion and anything else causing the most difficult leaks ever found.

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Rust Proofing & Anti-Corrosion

Applying liquid rubber will ensure your rust and corrosion issues will be solved. 

Long wearing and proven for use in tanks, water pipelines, truck trailers, cattle crates, horse floats, roofs and on a multitude of other surfaces, Eight Six Seal liquid rubber is non-toxic, potable water certified, environmentally friendly and comes with a 10-year guarantee. 

Concrete Roof Deck Waterproofing

Following a high pressure clean and repair to heavily corroded areas, the seamless liquid rubber membrane is applied and creates a sturdy barrier between the structure surface and outside environment. Water will not be able to penetrate the membrane and varying environmental conditions will not impact the original structure surface, extending the lifetime of your investment.

The durability of the liquid rubber membrane is unmatched in today’s market, and will not perish, crack, scale, lift or oxidise under the harshest of environments. 

Save your time and money. Do it once and do it right with Eight Six Seal.

For more information regarding your specific application needs don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Products

Our DIY products are guaranteed to be a long-lasting and cost efficient solution to your roof replacement.

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UV Reflective Roof Coating

Eight Six Seal can help control the inside temperature of your building and save you money on your energy bill.

Eight Six Seal Roof Thermal Technology is UV protective and heat reflective, acting as a barrier between the hot sun and your home, office, shed, truck trailer or horse float. Without the barrier, heat is absorbed and travels through the roof, raising the temperature inside. Applying liquid rubber and top coat creates a barrier and radiates the rays before being absorbed, effectively keeping the inside zones up to 40 degrees cooler.

Solar Reflective Roof Coating

Eight Six Seal are the leading edge in the Application of liquid rubber, an Australian made and manufactured product that has been scientifically diversified over the past 10 years to suit any application from waterproofing of water tanks and pipelines, waterproofing/restoration of commercial and domestic roofs utilising our energy saving, UV protective top coat to our trafficable sealant that has been developed to seal and protect driveways, cattle crates, horse floats/ goosenecks, truck trays and trailers.  

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