DIY Geo Application Information

How To Steps:

  1. Clean and dry surface (seal ALL concrete)
  2. Cover large cracks or holes with adhesive seem tape (if necessary).
  3. Apply ample ESS Liquid Rubber product to surface (Approx 1-2mm Thick)
  4. Cut to size and embed 86 geo fabric into ESS liquid rubber to reinforce any small cracks, holes, splits, or corners and brush out any air pockets or creases under the geo.
  5. Apply plenty of ESS liquid rubber over the geo fabric. NOTE: ESS Liquid Rubber Sealant should be applied in thick layers, similar to icing a cake, smooth and even.
  6. For increased thickness and strength, repeat the above steps.
  7. Once application is complete, spray on 86 activator over the final coat.
Before and After of our DIY Geotexture, applied to a rusted roof.


DO NOT apply any additional liquid rubber to the surface once the activator has been applied until the product is completely dry.

Wet liquid rubber membrane = Brown / Dry liquid rubber membrane = Black