DIY Application Information

Eight Six Seal’s Liquid Rubber Membrane saves water from getting out and stops leaks from getting in. It is easy to use, environmentally safe and odourless, and it adheres to any surface with permanent flexibility. With a pure black cured finish, it ensures extreme durability and 100% water containment.


Perfect for commercial and domestic applications, it can be utilized in the home, shed, construction site, caravan/RV, marine, trucks, or trailers. Seal gutters, bridges, tanks, dams, walls (brick/slab/besser), slate and ceramic tiles, wet areas, tunnels, pipes, rain heads, vents, drains, and asbestos.

Surface Preparation:

  1. Clean all surfaces free of dirt / grease / impurities and allow to dry.
  2. Prime concrete / rust and rough surfaces with eight six seal liquid rubber mixed with equal parts of water (1:1).
  3. When repairing areas with holes, cracks or joint movement, apply eight six seal reinforcing fabric into the liquid rubber


  1. Mixed liquid rubber well before use. Always apply product to the water contacting side of the project.
  2. Apply an even coating of liquid rubber using a brush or roller up to 3mm in thickness. Apply in even coats and ensure you work it into the surface and around protrusions so complete contact is achieved.
  3. Once surface area is coated to the required thickness and even, spray apply eight six activator evenly to liquid rubber membrane (accelerated curing is optional).

Note: Once Eight Six activators are applied, do not attempt to reapply until the membrane is completely cured (4 – 6hours).


Each square meter will require between 1 – 2ltrs of liquid rubber, depending on the desired thickness and surface condition. A minimum of 2 coats is required, and in some cases, 3 coats are recommended for heavily damaged surfaces. 

Drying / Curing Time*:

Recoat: 4 – 8hrs Fully Cured: 24 – 48hrs

Back Filling: 48hrs+ Immersed Areas: 5 – 7days

*based on a thickness of 1mm @ 20deg and fine weather conditions.

Cleaning Up:

If liquid rubber is still wet it can be washed off using water. If cured remove with mineral turpentine or WD40.


Eight Six Seal Liquid Rubber is non-flammable and non-hazardous. Store it in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not consume. If the product is ingested, seek medical assistance immediately.

Product Guarantee:

Eight Six Seal Liquid Rubber is guaranteed for ten years, provided the surface is prepared to eight six seals specifications and the application is left unaltered in its original applied form.

For spray application of Eight Six Seal Liquid Rubber Membrane and Eight Six UV Top Coat please contact Eight Six Seal at or through our website at